The Agache Twins

Unfortunately, there have been many cases of illegal hospital detentions in Nigeria of pregnant women and their babies who could not pay for the maternal health services they received. Many of these cases such as that of Folake Oduyoye resulted in poor outcomes and preventable deaths

The illegal detention of women in hospitals is unfair, unconstitutional and contributes to Nigeria’s high rate of maternal deaths and pregnancy-related complications,” Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi, Executive Director of Women Advocates Research and Documentation Center (WARDC)


On May 2, 2019:

We were contacted by neighbors of Christy Agache, who gave birth via caesarean birth to premature twin girls. While the babies are alive and the parents were happy, the problem was that the hospitals in Nigeria where she delivered didn't release her until all bills have been paid but for this family, they have completely wiped out all their savings.

We at Care for the Unreached helped paid these family medical bills and relieved them of their financial burden.

The twins still at the hospital in need of incubator.

The twin girls and Christy Agache while detained in the hospital


On May 13, 2019:

We at Care for the Unreached paid the 200,000 naira medical bill and ,secured the safe discharge of Christy Agache and her preterm twin daughters from the Hospital in Nigeria where they had been detained for nonpayment of medical bills for the past two weeks.

The twin girls are also striving beyond expectations and this family was so happy and grateful to their medical bills all paid.

The Agache twins at discharge

The twin girls now breathing and thermoregulating on their own: no longer needs an incubator

The Happy parents

Christy Agache and her husband

The wonderful nurses that at the hospital