We at Care for the Unreached believe in our mission of partnering with community health clinics as our entry point to bringing accessible healthcare to the most needing and under-served populations where we have provided free prenatal and antenatal care, life saving health information and free newborn care kits.

Over 300+ pregnant women, new mothers and children have been impacted through our outreach

Through our community health outreaches, we partner with community primary health clinics, providing rural community women and children with immediate and local access to health screening, childhood vaccination, family planning and life saving health information.

We have coordinated 6+ community health care outreaches in various primary health centers in rural areas in Nigeria, providing free newborn packages, information, and access to family planning, pregnancy and birth safety, as well as vaccination awareness.

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We have constantly taken up projects to positively impact individuals and family in need to financial supports for payment of hospital bills, and to create access to life saving healthcare that cannot afford.

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